Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

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Striving to zero incidents or towards achieving quality excellence is more than ‘a journey’. In our continuous efforts to make ‘attention to quality, health & safety and environmental impact’ permanent company values, we better call it an ‘adventure’. The road to improving a QHSE culture can’t be mapped out or programmed…

BESIX has set three clear goals to achieve this ambition:

Excellent safety, which means never being at at-risk, will first of all prevent our workers from getting injured during the execution of their job.

Minimizing the impact of our operations to the environment in order to maximize sustainability, which requires BESIX to put in place an environmental management programme that focusses on aspects like energy consumption, waste, hazardous products, soil, etcetera…

First time right, to guarantee delivering a project with the right quality while respecting agreed timings. This means we put strong focus on preparation, planning, quality assurance and quality control throughout all phases of a project.

The organization as a whole and every individual employee in particular plays an important role in guaranteeing this incident free working environment and preventing any adverse impact of your activities on the environment whilst ensuring the level of quality expected our Clients. 

BESIX’ commitment related to Quality, Health & Safety and Environment is set out in the corporate QHSE policy statement which, together with our policies on good governance, form the basis for our Integrated Management system (IMs).

Related to QHSE, this system is a combination of processes and procedures that describe how BESIX implements QHSE in its daily operation, and a number of objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement of our QHSE performance.

The Integrated Management system is certified since several years according to the following standards:

A transition of the IMs required to meet the new 2015 versions of the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards is currently ongoing (including certification to OHSAS18001:2007 for BESIX S.A.) and will be completed in April 2018.

In striving for continual improvement, BESIX carries out an in-depth internal and external audit programme according to which all business processes, both on site and in our offices, are audited on a frequent basis.

Corporate policy statement

Mission & Vision

We believe in a BESIX Group that operates as one team, focused on sustainable growth and recognizing local differences whilst building on Group leverage. This leverage is created as a result of excellent Client relationships and added value delivery in existing and new markets. As such we offer a fully integrated solution to our Clients, with attention to quality and respecting safety and the environment.


As one of the six core values of the Group, we consider the QHSE domain to be one of our main priorities.

The BESIX Group Management is committed to implementing a Group-wide policy regarding the quality of its services, its Employees’ health & safety and protection of the environment. BESIX Group is responsive to the needs of its Clients, its Employees and its Shareholders and complies fully with the legislation, regulations and operational standards in force.

All individuals working for BESIX Group are expected to perform their job in accordance with the mission and vision and all applicable procedures and instructions.
Each person has the right and moral obligation to stop the work when an incident with impact on his/her or another person’s health and safety or the environment is likely to occur. 


Quality Management

BESIX Group ensures that its Client’s needs are assessed and that every Employee understands these and is motivated to meet them. Our Employees are actively encouraged to look for feedback from both external and internal Clients regarding our services and so strive for continuous improvement.

Safeguarding our Workers

Any incident, accident or occupational illness is unacceptable. Being active in a high risk sector such as construction is for BESIX Group an incentive to ensure Employee’s integrity by managing and mitigating risks in a proactive manner, learning from mishaps an applying best practices in our operation. We expect of all our Employees a demonstration of leadership and teamwork with regard to health and safety.

Protecting the Environment

Our activities must also be undertaken with respect for the environment. Based on an environmental impact assessment, measures will be taken to use energy and natural raw resources sparingly, to minimise pollution, to limit the use of hazardous substances and waste generation and to investigate alternatives. Initiatives are taken to re-use and recycle materials and to introduce and apply best practices wherever practicable.

Meeting standards

BESIX Group constantly develops, implements and maintains a documented Integrated Management system that aims to meet the various norms and standards (ISO9001 – ISO14001 – OHSAS18001 etc.) and will ensure to analyse the impact of strategic decisions on this system in terms of risk management and compliance management.


In order to put this policy into practice, the Management of each entity is required to lead by example and to set realistic but ambitious QHSE objectives and must strive to achieve them. They will take the necessary measures and encourage their colleagues to constantly improve their performance in these areas.

We are convinced that meeting our QHSE objectives can only be achieved with the deployment of competent and qualified personnel. Therefore BESIX Group will make the required resources available and offer a permanent soft and technical skills development program with special attention to QHSE related training.

In order to reach our objectives and continuously improve its QHSE performance, BESIX Group entities will:

  • demonstrate leadership on a day to day basis;
  • stimulate a proactive company culture;
  • promote a clear and open communication with our external and internal Stakeholders by making clear agreements;
  • put QHSE as a fixed item on the agenda during meetings at Company and project level;
  • assess the impact of QHSE related aspects at the start of each project with the setting of clear objectives and targets to control and reduce this impact and mitigate all risks;
  • report all unwanted events/situations in a transparent and swift manner;
  • permanently support our operations by a qualified and competent QHSE Department.


By permanently monitoring and adjusting key performance indicators we guarantee to maintain our ambitions and continuously improve our results.

This monitoring process consists of:

  • the execution of internal QHSE inspections and walkabouts executed from Management to Employee level and analysis and follow-up of eventual findings;
  • the execution of internal QHSE audits and inspections by the QHSE department and analysis and follow-up of eventual findings;
  • evaluation of the QHSE performance of our Suppliers and Subcontractors;
  • the evaluation of Client satisfaction levels;
  • analysis of incidents, nonconformities and/or complaints and determination and follow-up of corrective and preventive actions;
  • annual Management review.

The Management of each entity is informed on a monthly basis about the status in order to have the opportunity to intervene adequately when and where necessary.


This QHSE policy is communicated throughout the organization by means of an induction process at entity and/or project level for all Personnel involved in our operations.  The policy is permanently displayed at all project sites and available to our Stakeholders and the public on www.besix.com. It will be reviewed periodically by the BESIX Group Management to ensure it is in line with our objectives and strategic priorities.


BESIX masters ever-greater challenges by constantly adapting to increasingly demanding Client requirements and to unremitting new technological developments. In order to deliver excellence and to achieve our ‘first time right’ goal, our Integrated Management system (IMs), certified in accordance to ISO9001, forms a solid basis to support our organisation in ensuring it is fit to tackle these challenges.

Our quality management system is built on 5 pillars:

An enlightened strategy by continuously searching for the ideal balance between the construction projects on the one hand and BESIX’ capacity to realize them on the other.

A performing organisation in order to control the essential activities of construction:

  • a state-of-the-art engineering department taking the lead in finding innovative and low risk solutions to the most complex design & build projects;
  • an execution team that is best adapted to project specificities;
  • precise procedures document management to control that each activity is systematically realised according to pre-defined criteria;
  • sensible recruitment and continuous training of our employees.

Rigorous preparation in order to prevent any inconsistency in the execution of the works through the use and application of method statements, risk assessments as well as specific quality plans and execution procedures.

Controlled execution through the rigorous application of all methods and procedures established during the preparation phase, the implementation of adequate controls and through the systematic correction of any variances.

Continual improvement by systematically exploiting experience feedback, monitoring performance indicators and carrying out internal and external audits.

Health & Safety

For our ‘journey’ to excellence and zero incidents, which means creating and maintaining a working environment without injury or material damage, BESIX’ company culture values the right behaviour of its employees as well as subcontractors and other stakeholders. We put in place a visible culture which permanently focusses on QHSE leadership and performance.

Any incident, accident or occupational  illness is unacceptable. Being active in a high risk sector such as construction is for BESIX an incentive to ensure employee's integrity by managing and mitigating risks in a proactive manner, learning from mishaps an applying best practices in our operation.  
Based on risk assessment, a set of 10 Life Saving Rules is determined that must be respected at all times.

Implementing the company QHSE policy and meeting QHSE standards from the start is of utmost importance to make our projects a success. “Thinking before acting” is the key message we put into practice from the very start.

Specific health & safety plans and risk assessments, proper staff induction and training programmes and adequate kick-off meetings and pre-task meetings guarantee from the beginning that everyone knows how to do the job in a safe, well planned and qualitative way.


All our activities are undertaken with respect for the environment.

Based on an environmental impact assessment, measures are taken to use energy and natural raw resources sparingly, to minimise pollution, to limit the use of hazardous substances and waste generation and to investigate alternatives.

Initiatives are taken to save energy or to generate electricity from solar panels on the roofs of our buildings to create a positive contribution to the reduction of our carbon footprint. 

BESIX continuously works on the application of green solutions in different domains. An Engineering team is specifically devoted to green engineering and to come up with innovative solutions that will not only help sustain the future of the company, but also that of the environments and communities it visits and shapes.  For every project, we investigate the possibility to re-use and recycle materials like excavated soil and/or rock, wood and ground water and to introduce and apply best practices wherever practicable.

Another aspect that is kept to a minimum is the disturbance to wildlife and the natural environment surrounding operated construction sites. Preserving the biodiversity and limiting our footprint requires very specific environmental management systems which take into consideration the animal and plant life surrounding the build site before, during and after the project.

BESIX is an active contributor to meeting our Client’s sustainability efforts by respecting the requirements of an environmental standard like HQE, BREEAM® or LEED® for their building projects. Aim of these standards is to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and encourage market transformation towards sustainable design. The builds are characterised by a reduced overall environmental footprint, careful material selection, targeted reductions in water and energy consumption and effective systems for the protection of the environment during construction and operation.

BESIX also leads the way to sustainable mobility by giving employees a chance to help reduce our carbon footprint through the introduction of a mobility budget. BESIX wants to provide its employees with attractive alternatives matching their own personal needs by stimulating alternative ways of transportation such as the use of public transportation and/or bicycles.