Six Construct Management

Six Construct follows the Belgian recommendations on corporate governance for unlisted companies (‘Code Buysse II’). Six Construct has structures and rules in place to ensure effective corporate governance, risk management and control both in each Group company and within the organization as a whole.

Six Construct - Executive Team

Olivier Crasson
General Manager, BESIX Contracting Middle East
Valery Paquier
Director of Operations, BESIX Contracting Middle East
Vinh Hung Le
Director of Finance & Administration, Middle East
Peter Lembrechts
Head of Concessions & Assets
David De Visscher
Deputy Director Operations

Six Construct - Senior Management

Yves De Rue
Operations Manager
Yasser Laroussi Ben Asker
Operation Manager
Jean-Philippe Patesson
Technical Director
Bernard Patze
Operation Manager
Hussein Saad
Operation Manager
Eric Tranchant
Operations Manager
Benoit Vadani
Vice President | Head of Business Development Middle East
Boudewijn Bartholomeeusen
Resident Manager Qatar
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